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What Can I Do On The Web?

  • Promote your business,
  • Sell products and services,
  • Take orders and answer customer inquiries,
  • Provide customer and technical support,
  • Publish catalogs, spec sheets, manuals....
  • Provide timely, easily accessible information about your organization, religious or civic group.

FrontWebSite makes it fast, easy and affordable to do all this and more 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, in every corner of the globe.
FrontWebSite will host your site on high speed   Windows NT servers connected to the Internet over redundant Clear Channel® optical fiber T1 and T3 lines. These lines are connected directly to a major internet backbone provider. Your traffic will speed at OC-12 (622Mbps) directly to all six network access points (NAP's) around the country without the delays of being transmitted through multiple providers. No more customers giving up in frustration waiting for a slow link to come up. With frontwebsite you'll look good and do more business too.

All files are backed up daily, servers are protected by continually monitored UPS's and the network and internet links are monitored by our 24x7 network operations center (NOC).

Web Site Hosting

Find out about our low cost $59.95/month hosting package. Use our libraries of Java Applets and CGI programs to create your own dynamic and interactive web pages. Use our secure server (SSL) to protect credit card and other confidential information. Host your site on our Unix servers with your own cgi-bin directory or our Windows NT servers with FrontPage 98 extensions. Open a web hosting account now - Use our on-line order form or call (281)550-6331

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